Turbos to Wear Goggles

on Monday, 30 March 2015. Posted in Turbos News


The Turbos have adopted a squad wide rule that will ensure that contact lenses cause no more issues for the team in the future.

As of the start of the 2015 season Turbos players will be required to wear protective goggles that have contact lenses built into them.

Not only will the goggles help ensure that reinserting contacts no longer slows the game down but they will also better ensure that the players are protected when playing rugby. It is for this reason that CEO John Knowles and team management have opted to require all players to wear the new goggles;

“We are really happy with our decision to have all players wear the googles as it means we can avoid stoppages to the game and the team will look consistent whether they need contact lenses or not,” CEO John Knowles Said.

“Last year there were a couple of times where players had to have their lenses put back in and we really thought that it ruined the momentum we had at the time,” head coach Jason O’Halloran said.

Although initially an overseas trial in 2014 the Turbos have chosen to be the first team to include the goggles as a compulsory part of their uniform for reasons other than reducing stoppages as Brand Manager Jason Cole explains;

“The goggles offer some commercial opportunities for us as well as it essentially gives us another spot for one of our partners’ logos or even a new partner, so we are quite excited about the idea.”

As technology progresses the Turbos expect that the inclusion of player perspective cameras and ear pieces for communication with the coaching staff will not be out of the question and are interested in exploring these options sooner rather than later;

“The prospects for the inclusion of technology are certainly exciting but such modifications to the goggles will be pending confirmation at 12.00pm Wednesday 1st of April,” Turbos lead spokesman Turboman explained.