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Turbos logo updated to include macron

on Thursday, 06 February 2020. Posted in Turbos News

Turbos logo updated to include macron

The Manawatū Rugby Union, Manawatū Turbos and Manawatū Cyclones are updating their logos by adding a macron to the u in Manawatū.

Manawatu is a compound word with Manawa meaning heart and tū meaning standing still. The name does not linguistically make sense in Te Reo without the macron.

Manawatū Rugby Union chief executive Shannon Paku said adopting the macron was an important adjustment for the union to make.

“Correct pronunciation and spelling of words is important to all New Zealanders, so adding the macron was an easy decision for Manawatū Rugby,” he said.

“We, like everyone else in our region, are proud of our name and its history and this acknowledges the double vowel sound at the end of Manawatū. Other Manawatū sporting organisations have already adopted the macron so alignment across the region is sensible”.

All 2020 Turbos and Cyclones jerseys will feature the new logos.