Goggles? No. New Website? Yes!

on Wednesday, 01 April 2015. Posted in Turbos News


Take a look at the awesome new features on the Manawatu Turbos brand new website!

The Turbos are pleased to announce, much to Turboman's dismay, that they will not be wearing Green goggles this year, "I am not mad, just disappointed," the Turbos dissappointed mascot said; "one thing lying to me on April fools but to do it early and make it a two day thing...fortunately the new website makes up for it."

Be sure to have a read of just some of the new features and improvements below on our all new website;


The Turbos website now has a fully dedicated news section that you can keep up with all the full stories around signings, matches community events and load more. You can also use the social media icons to share all the latest updates with your friends.


The Turbos website is now fully compatible with all smartphones allowing you to easily browse everything Green & White using your mobile phone. You can keep up with news, Join #TURBONATION for the season, look at the latest partner store discounts or shop for some slick gear so you can show your colours with pride.


New Manawatu Turbos Wesbite


You can now look at all of the Turbos results since the team started in 2006. The previous results section gives a run down about every season including a link to photos from that year.


The shop has been revamped completely to make it a lot more fan friendly with simpler login and sign up forms as well as all Turbos merchandise in one place so you can easily see everything on one page. Unfortunately goggles will not be for sale..


If you have any enquiries about the new website or anything else Turbos do not hesitate to get in touch via our 'contact' section. 


These are just some of the new features of the website so be sure to have look around.

We would like to thank the crew at Colman Creative for all their hard work and effort in making this new site possible and hope you enjoy it!