Otere Black Eyes NZ U20s

on Tuesday, 28 April 2015. Posted in Turbos News

Otere Black Manawatu Turbos Hurricanes

Hear what Turbos first five Otere Black has to say as he looks at trying to secure a spot in the NZ U20s squad.

In 2013 Turbos first five Otere Black played his first season of Club Rugby in the Manawatu notching up 242 points easily taking out the competitions top points scorer in the process. Selected into the Manawatu U20s side Otere was integral in helping the team take out the Hurricanes Region Championship and it was clear that the Green and White of the Turbos Awaited him.

Otere was selected and eligible to play for the Turbos in 2014 and wasted no time announcing himself to rugby professional stage when he constructed the Turbos 27-22 win over Wellington at Westpac Stadium. Contributing 22 points to the scoreboard and winning over rugby pundits the country over Otere went on to play a huge role in the Turbos first championship in 34 years.

Otere Black Manawatu Turbos

On the back of his impressive form Black was quickly signed into the wider training squad of the Hurricanes making his debut against the Rebels in March.

Now the young first five turns his attention to the NZ U20s campaign as they look to triumph in a competition they used to dominate;

What’s going through your mind as you head into camp with the NZ U20?

“I’m pretty excited aye. But it is pretty humbling too, I just want to contribute to the team in the best way I possibly can and help ensure that we perform our absolute best out there.”

What mind-set are you approaching this NZ U20 environment with?

“Just add to it really. They have already had a couple of camps so I am just going to do what I can to help the team. There are a lot of talented guys in the wider squad and we all want to do our bit and do the jersey justice. A lot of great players have gone before so now it’s our turn to up hold the high standards that the environment demands.”

Has being in the Turbos and Hurricanes environments helped you feel comfortable to be here?

“Yeh it certainly has. Being part of both teams over the past year or so has contributed to me feeling ready to and in a position to contribute to this team. My time in the Turbos so far has helped me out a great deal and more recently working with some of the more experienced players in the Hurricanes squad has been great.”



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